Risk Management

Quantus risk management services provide client focused insight driven solutions to risk that makes our clients organisations more resilient and maximising their return on capital

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Quantus consulting offer advice on construction risk management and analysis services across all industry sectors

Mapping risk and steering through transformation

Our experience in risk management allows us to advise our client’s on how best to successfully manage risk.

We believe that risk management is a critical component of project management utilising foresight to reduce or mitigate risks on projects.  We seek to identify potential risks that may negatively impact a project, we assess these risks and develop strategies to respond to the identified risks.  Our consultants assist our clients in taking the necessary steps to identify and prevent costly delay and disruption evens during the design, procurement, and construction stages of projects.

Our experts have a wealth of experience in the construction industry to assist our clients in developing cost effective risk management solutions and facilitating our clients to make timely informed decisions.  We seek to identify not just the threats and uncertainties but also the potential opportunities that may be encountered impacting the cost of the project.  We will seek to ensure that any potential opportunities that are identified are optimised to improve margins and performance. We analysis the risks to gain a greater understanding of the how the potential risk may impact the project, we then seek to prioritise our risk responses and actions.

Understanding emerging threats and preparing to respond

We have the expertise to assess these risks and to build cost models assessing the level of risk and prioritising these risks, thereby facilitating our client to make provision for contingency.

Our experts assist our clients in developing a risk management programme providing appropriate risk response actions on projects.  Our response is client focused, we act in our clients best interests, understanding their needs and respecting their perspectives.  We place our focus on innovation, quality, and risk management.

We follow best industry practice, and we seek to understand the key objectives of stakeholders in developing our risk management solutions.  We prepare a project specific risk register which incorporates all the known risks and we qualitatively assess the impact of each risk.

We raise risk awareness by holding risk awareness seminars which are an important part of implementing a risk management system.  We employ both qualitative cost risk analysis and quantitative schedule risk analysis to facilitate the stakeholders to make informed decisions on the project budget and potentially reducing the projects risk profile.

Our Risk Management services include:

  • Risk identification workshops
  • Risk register and assessment
  • Risk management strategy
  • Quantitative risk analysis
  • Risk monitoring

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