Quantity Surveying

Quantus seek to ensure that the predictability and control of costs are an essential part of our service in providing our traditional quantity surveying services.

We offer a traditional quantity surveying service delivering traditional contracts providing greater cost certainty and value for money thereby maximising the return on our clients’ investments.

Harness change to create value

Our quantity surveying team take a hands-on approach in our service to our clients.  We seek to add value to the construction process from inception through to completion ensuring effective cost management at all stages, tailoring our service to meet the needs of our clients.  We seek to provide our clients with outcome confidence and project viability from the outset.

We adopt both traditional and digital methodologies in the preparation of our estimates, cost plans, cost models, investment appraisals and bills of quantities. It is always our aim to take ownership of our client’s commercial agenda and do our best to achieve cost targets through the life of the project while also managing risk.  We are committed to providing our clients with the optimal value for money, seeking opportunities to make the most of our clients budget.

We are committed to providing independent advice and deliver solutions that protect our clients interests. We continue to make significant investment into our digital cost management tools, which allows us to manage costs more effectively.

We are proud of our experience, expertise, and the adaptability of our service.  We seek to understand our clients’ requirements and assist them in achieving success by finding creative solutions giving our clients a competitive advantage.  A wide range of factors are currently influencing the economy impacting business performance and consequently, the need to adapt and respond quickly to a dynamic market environment is critical.

Meeting new customer expectations

We implement robust governance procedures to ensure the reputation of our clients brand is protected, with transparent reporting facilitating timely informed decisions on potential challenges and solutions.  Our approach is to analyse and challenge the objectives, method of delivery and design from the outset of the project, to ensure value for money.

We analyse the procurement supply chain and advise upon potential changes to optimize discounts and drive performance in the supply chain.  We specialise in professional services delivering quality, value for money cost advice that adds value to our clients investments.  We have a successful track record of delivering value for money.

Our approach is driven by our commitment to maximising the return on investment for our clients.  We seek to deliver advice that adds value and cost certainty to our commissions.  We have a broad range of expertise and experience that ensures the financial and cost control management needs of our client’s investments are delivered.  We achieve value for money through our expert knowledge of current construction cost data combined with our appreciation of the early decisions that impact cost and design objectives.

We offer our clients a comprehensive and innovative range of services enabling us to respond to the changing needs of our client’s investment.  We are committed to delivering value for money at all stages of our projects whilst working collaboratively with all stakeholders delivering the most cost-effective solution.

Our quantity surveying services include:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Traditional contracts
  • Schedules of work
  • Bills of quantities
  • Investment strategy and option appraisals
  • Preparation of contract documentation
  • Cost Reporting
  • Interim valuations and settlement of final accounts

Our other services