Capital Investment Appraisal

Quantus Capital Investment Appraisal assists our clients when making investments to decide upon long term profitability and affordability of a proposed project.

We apply techniques that measure profitability and affordability for long term capital investments.

Shifting Gears for growth and value

Our Capital Investment Appraisal process is utilised to determine whether a capital investment option under consideration is a good investment for our client.

We are conscious that every project carries risk.  However, our capital investment appraisals facilitate our clients to make rational decisions based upon expected outcomes. We assist our clients to align investment decisions with the objective of maximising value for money.

We are aware that when an investment involves large sums of money our clients need a combination of both quantitative and qualitative analysis to ensure the optimal return on investment.  Our capital investment appraisal process allows investors to make the rational decisions about their capital investment.

Our practical understanding of the commercial challenges faced by our clients allows us to advise upon the critical factors and current trends, to meet the customers’ expectations, which ultimately impacts upon our clients return on investment.

We understand current trends in design, and we have a wealth of experience in a range of construction projects.  We have the experience of advising upon cost effective solutions to the many challenges faced by our clients, ensuring successful profitable projects.

We seek to understand our client’s business requirements, risks and opportunities when creating a delivery strategy for our projects.  We establish robust controls from the outset of a project to ensure that all the challenges that are encountered are effectively managed while addressing the objectives of time, cost, and quality.

Our strategy and solutions lean heavily on our experience of project delivery.  Our expert cost and project managers set a high standard of service when implementing project controls and achieving budget and programme targets on our projects.  We work collaboratively with our clients and stakeholders through all stages of the project delivering innovative solutions and adding value to maximise the return on our client’s investment.  Our focus is to put our clients’ best interests first, and proactively seeking to deliver the anticipated outcomes that are important to our clients.

A hunger for collaboration, delivery, and results

We aim to understand our client’s business and provide high quality professional services from a dedicated team of cost and project management professionals.  We believe that selecting the right people is key to the successful delivery of the project.  The successful delivery is achieved through rigorous administration, leadership, and motivation of all the stakeholders involved in the project working together to achieve the planned project outcome.

Our cost and project managers share a passion for a results-based delivery of the construction programme, cost, risk and quality, while maintaining an optimal return on investment.  We appreciate that every project is different and that a collaborative approach is one that delivers the best results.  Collaboration enhances transparency and openness, the sharing of best practice and knowledge and a joint approach to opportunity and innovation.

We appreciate that capital investment needs to move fast and we understand the importance of delivering our technical expertise in a timely manner to assist in identifying and securing potential development opportunities.  Our expertise extends to advice from the initial concept design and feasibility through to detailed design, procurement, and construction of our clients projects.

We seek to add value by delivering successful solutions, ensuring that our projects meet the required performance in terms of brand and quality.  We understand the needs and the requirements of our clients and with our commercial experience we are available to advise on build quality, cost in use and operating efficiency.

Our cost management services cover a broad range of services. These services include:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Investment strategy and option appraisals
  • Cost planning and cost models
  • Value engineering and cost data benchmarking
  • Capital allowances
  • Development appraisals
  • Life cycle cost analysis
  • Whole life cost studies

Our other services