Building Surveying

We believe that assisting our clients to make efficient use of their property, refurbishing, and adapting the use of their property provides short and long term benefits

We carry out surveys for our clients on all property types regardless of their size our location

Our professional advice allows our clients to make informed investment decisions having been advised of the cost and risk implications associated with committing to the purchase of a property.  We appreciate that buildings need to be adapted through their life to reflect the evolving needs of the building’s users.  We seek to enhance both the value and use of buildings, understanding the client’s business needs while facilitating the management of change across the client’s property portfolio.

Our project work includes planned maintenance, refurbishment, alterations, fit outs, and extensions.  We seek to deliver our high-quality technical resources and knowledge to meet the integrated needs of our project work from inception to completion.

Our Building Surveying services include:

  • Building maintenance
  • Defects
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Refurbishment and adaption
  • Asset management
  • Planned maintenance

Our other services