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Our due diligence, monitoring and cost management services are best in class in the property market, bringing our experience of construction risk and cost management to assist our clients in achieving a successful property development outcomes

We pride ourselves in assisting our funding clients to make prudent property investment decisions

Navigating risk and driving enterprise value

We conduct detailed reviews of development proposals providing independent and impartial advice to funders.  Our fund monitoring team seek to manage the risks associated with a loan and we advise our clients on how these risks may be mitigated with practical solutions.

Our senior monitors are trained to have an opinion and express that opinion in a manner that best represents our clients’ interests.  We are conscious that every project carries risks, and these risks need to me mitigated.  Appointing the right bank monitor can make the difference between a sound investment providing good profits and a wasted investment opportunity for a good yield on a substantial investment.

Our fund monitoring surveyors seek to develop a good working knowledge of the terms of the facility letters and ensure that we liaise closely with our appointed consultants to ensure that all conditions precedent have been discharged.  We are well placed to advise lending institutions on the most appropriate procurement route.  Our surveyors have a strong technical knowledge allowing us to review and comment upon the design of the works.

We have the ability to apply our knowledge of financial and banking environments while at the same time applying our specialist technical knowledge to all our bank monitor commissions. Our experience has taught us that at the Initial Report stage issues do tend to arise and our technical knowledge has been invaluable in resolving these issues.  We take a multi-disciplinary approach to resolving these issues drawing from a broad base of expertise and potentially making projects fundable.

Upon commencement on site, we proactively seek to identify aspects of the project that are at variance with the lenders understanding of the transaction.  Our surveyors immediately advise the funder if there are any identified risks while work progresses onsite.  We are also proactive in identifying mitigation options to these risks, as and when they arise.  It is our intention to highlight these risks as early as possible allowing the funder to liaise internally with Credit in an efficient manner so that the lenders revised requirements can be communicated to the Borrower.

Helping to manage risk and resilience

Our reporting process also seeks to make the funder aware of any issues that may either delay or prevent the loan being repaid at the agreed time.

We seek to provide relevant technical expertise in a timely manner thereby facilitating our clients to make the right informed strategic decisions on the development of their assets.

Our expertise extends to advice from the initial design concept and feasibility through to detailed design, procurement, and construction of our client’s assets.  We assist our clients in detailed business planning on their capital expenditure programmes while facilitating the interrelated needs of value for money, sustainability, visual amenity, and functionality.  We work with our clients in a common purpose to create built environments that inspire and nurture.

Our wealth of experience in the built environment gives assurance that we understand our clients priorities and challenges.  The continuing pressure of increasing population growth has placed a greater reliance upon the private residential sector.

Our urban spaces are ever changing, as land use changes with new residential and commercial developments taking the place of formerly derelict and redundant areas of land.  These changes in land use provide new opportunities for creative innovation in the way that we optimize the use of the land, thus helping to meet the increasing demands of our housing needs and enabling our urban spaces to remain economically competitive.

Government planning, regulation and sustainability issues continue to have a significant impact upon investment trends and opportunities.  The market continues to be impacted by the return on investment, with financial returns impacted by government incentives, fluctuations in cost of materials, the availability and the cost of construction skilled labour, and the value of land.  We have the experience to meet these emerging new challenges in urban development and regeneration and tailor our advice to reflect the current market trends.

We work closely with our clients to make recommendations on how best to approach a potential development opportunity, from affordable housing, buy to rent schemes, high end residential and luxury penthouses

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