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Quantus are a leading multi-disciplinary property and construction consultancy

Unlocking value – effective cost management

Quantus specialise in providing project and cost management services delivering quality, value for money cost advice that adds value to our clients’ investments.

Quantus consulting is a leader in project and cost management and has a successful track record of delivering value for money across many industry sectors.  Our reputation for integrity and independence combined with our expertise in drafting unambiguous contract documentation is at the heart of our professional ethos.  Our approach in our cost consultancy services is driven by our commitment to maximising the return on investment for our clients.  We seek to deliver cost advice that adds value and cost certainty to our commissions.

We achieve value for money through our expert knowledge of current construction cost data combined with our appreciation of the early decisions that impact cost and design objectives.  Quantus offers our clients a comprehensive and innovative range of professional services provided by our team enabling us to respond to the changing needs of our client’s investment.

We are committed to delivering value for money at all stages of our projects whilst working collaboratively with all stakeholders delivering the most cost-effective solution.  We assist our clients with agile solutions to their individual challenges facilitating our clients to respond to swings in demand and advances in technology.

Designed to kickstart innovation and change

Our project managers share a passion for a results-based delivery of the construction programme, cost, risk and quality, while maintain an optimal return on investment.

We appreciate that every project is different and that a collaborative approach is one that delivers the best results.  It enhances transparency and openness, the sharing of best practice and knowledge and a joint approach to opportunity and innovation.

We advocate for improvements in infrastructure encouraging design principles that have a positive impact, through interrelated factors, such as naturalness, highlighting the need for good light and air quality, stimulation, emphasizing the need for complexity and colour and individualization, highlighting the need for flexibility.  We believe in creating the right environment for our clients and with our wealth of experience and knowledge in this field we are well placed to provide our clients with the right strategic advice for their specific needs.

Delivering sustainable value through optimising operations

Our evaluation of the most suitable procurement strategy will examine all aspects of the construction process including opportunities in the sphere of innovation, prefabrication, collaboration, incentivisation and modularisation solutions.

In order to select the most appropriate supply chain partners it is crucial that they are engaged on contractual terms that are aligned with the clients objectives and business outcomes.

Our expertise seeks to develop the most optimal procurement and contract solution for our clients maximising value for money from the supply chain while at the same time mitigating any contractual risk.

Our approach seeks to equip our clients to meet their individual challenges while providing end to end governance of risk and the resolution of risk. Our construction expertise allows our clients to optimise cost, time, and quality, while facilitating innovation and creativity.

Shifting gears for growth and value

Our capital investment appraisal process is utilised to determine whether a capital investment option under consideration is a good investment for our client.

We are conscious that every project carries risk.  However, our capital investment appraisals facilitate our clients to make rational decisions based upon expected outcomes.

We assist our clients to align investment decisions with the objective of maximising value for money.  We are aware that when an investment involves large sums of money our clients need a combination of both quantitative and qualitative analysis to ensure the optimal return on investment.

Our capital investment appraisal process allows investors to make the rational decisions about their capital investment.

Our practical understanding of the commercial challenges faced by our clients allows us to advise upon the critical factors and current trends, to meet the customers’ expectations, which ultimately impacts upon our clients return on investment.

We understand current trends in design, and we have a wealth of experience in a range of construction projects.  We have the experience of advising upon cost effective solutions to the many challenges faced by our clients, ensuring successful profitable projects.

We seek to understand our client’s business requirements, risks and opportunities when creating a delivery strategy for our projects.  We establish robust controls from the outset of a project to ensure that all the challenges that are encountered are effectively managed while addressing the objectives of time, cost, and quality.

Navigating risk and driving enterprise value

We pride ourselves in assisting our clients to make prudent property investment decisions.  We conduct detailed reviews of development proposals providing independent and impartial advice to clients.  Our people manage the risks associated with projects and we advise our clients on how these risks may be mitigated with practical solutions.

Our people are trained to have an opinion and express that opinion in a manner that best represents our clients’ interests.

We are conscious that every project carries risks, and these risks need to me mitigated.

Meeting new customer expectations

We implement robust governance procedures to ensure the reputation of our clients brand is protected, with transparent reporting facilitating timely informed decisions on potential challenges and solutions.  Our approach is to analyse and challenge the objectives, method of delivery and design from the outset of the project, to ensure value for money.

We analyse the procurement supply chain and advise upon potential changes to optimize discounts and drive performance in the supply chain.  We specialise in professional services delivering quality, value for money cost advice that adds value to our clients investments and cost certainty to our commissions.

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