We are Quantus

Quantus are a leading multi-disciplinary property and construction consultancy

Outcomes driven

Property and the construction industry are at the crossroads of massive trends, with greater urbanization, and challenges with energy transition and climate change.

In parallel, industry and governments continue to make substantial investments in real estate and infrastructure. Opportunities in growth abound for those ready to seize it.

Quantus embeds innovation into our project workstreams with strategic insights and actionable plans driving results. With decades of construction experience, we have an unmatched combination of industry, technology, and functional expertise to deliver comprehensive and integrated solutions for successful outcomes. Whether it’s helping with optimizing value for money, establishing resilient construction supply chains, we help our clients to succeed in building sustainable infrastructure and businesses.

Harness change to create added value

We are in an ever-changing world, our clients need to think fast and stay agile, that requires strategies that work in the real world.

Quantus has experience across the construction value chain, end-to-end, helping clients to create strategies that come not just from knowing, but from the know-how of doing.

Our clients have the advantage of Quantus strategies for value creation providing insights from data and deep industry expertise, combined with the experience of efficiently operating business functions, and optimizing and running construction supply chains.  Quantus leverages this advantage working with our clients defining and answering their most strategic business and operational questions.

Delivering strategies, value, and results with passion and purpose

Quantus is a leading multi-disciplinary property and construction consultancy. We are committed to building long term relationships with our clients and stakeholders, creating the conditions to deliver strategies, value and results with passion and purpose.


Quantus Consulting are members of and regulated as a practice by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS).